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Specialist in NEN 4400-2 certification

EU law guarantees freedom of movement for services and workers. However, employment regulations and legislation at national and international level are complex. This affects foreign companies that perform work in the Netherlands. Dutch Standard NEN 4400-2 offers a solution.

NEN 4400-2 certification restricts your commercial risks in relation to employment. Not least in the field of illegal employment and the Wages and Salaries Tax and Social Security Contributions (Liability of Subcontractors) Act, and user company liability. With NEN 4400-2 certification you will be aware of whether or not your company is complying with Dutch regulations and legislation.

The NEN 4400-2 standard was developed for foreign companies that perform work in the Netherlands. These are companies that provide staff or take on work. Certification gives companies in the Netherlands that you work with confidence that you are complying with the right regulations and legislation.

Do you want to get your company certified? Go to: NEN 4400-2 certification.