About Clib

CLIB: specialist in certification NEN 4400-2

CLIB is carrying out the NEN 4400-2 inspections of foreign companies with business activities in the Netherlands. CLIB stands for Crossborder Labour Inspection Body.

We are an independent inspection institution. Our inspectors are from the Dutch inspection associations VRO Certification, Crop Certificering and Bureau Cicero.

Since July 2014, the NEN 4400-2 activities of VRO Certification are accommodated in CLIB. Our inspectors are well educated by experienced inspectors of VRO Certification.

Because of the presence of some well-educated inspectors, we can continuously anticipate for the demand and guarantee a low throughput time for our customers.

Do you have any questions? Call us at +31 88 89 44 002 or send an E-mail to info@clib.eu.