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Specialist in NEN 4400-2 certificering

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The Netherlands

If you have any questions what the NEN 4400-2 certification means for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can contact us by telephone: +31 88 89 4400-2 or by e-mail.

You prefer personal contact? That is possible! Patrick Vlasblom is the accountmanager of CLIB. With Patrick you can ask questions about all our services en the NEN 4400-2 certification. He can explain the process and what the NEN 4400-2 certification means for your organization. It is also a possibility to make a appointment for a personal conversation. 




Patrick Vlasblom

Accountmanager CLIB, specialist NEN 4400-2
+31 6 20 42 75 50

+31 88 89 4400-2




Quotation request

What are the costs of the certification? This depends on the situation and specific requests. The costs depend (among other) on the following: 


  • The amount of employees within your organization
  • Any previous inspections (if applicable)
  • Which collective labour agreement is used
  • In which sector are the most working activities
  • any extra inspections (if applicable)

Based on these factors, we apply an all-in rate (besides any additional costs). Our rates are based on your organizations needs and requests and will be pre-communicated. 



Complaints and suggestions

Stichting Clib will do everything it can to satisfy its customers, and seeks to improve its service at all times. Have you had a less than satisfactory experience? Or perhaps you just have a suggestion? Please tell us! Our complaints procedure is available on request. In brief, we aim to provide a quick and appropriate response; if you wish to provide us with concrete information and do so using the response buttons above, we will take immediate action.



Stichting Clib is committed to impartiality. Our core activity is providing impartial opinions. This usually takes the form of certification (auditing). On request we can also provide an impartial opinion or recommendation where, for instance, there is a question of explanatory notes on how high-quality audits can be carried out in the context of self-regulation. Our people are all screened for impartiality and get job satisfaction from the standard of their work; they are more highly-qualified than the minimum requirements. We do not give opinions within the field in which we conduct audits, we rotate our auditors more often than required and have strict internal monitoring standards. Our management statement is clear on how seriously we take the subject of impartiality. 


Do you have any questions? Call us at +31 88 89 44 002 or send an E-mail to