NEN 4400-2

NEN 4400-2 was developed for foreign companies that perform work in the Netherlands. These are companies that provide staff or take on work.


NEN 4400-2 specifies requirements for:

  • your company;
  • your personnel administration;
  • your payroll administration;
  • your financial administration;
  • your user/secondment situation and outsourcing of work.

With NEN 4400-2 certification you can restrict commercial risks in relation to employment. Consider, for instance, the risks under the Wages and Salaries Tax and Social Security Contributions (Liability of Subcontractors) Act, and user company liability, and in the field of illegal employment. With NEN 4400-2 certification you know whether or not your company is complying with Dutch regulations and legislation.


CLIB will monitor your company regularly to make sure it is complying with the terms of NEN 4400-2. In that respect, we review observance of, for instance, the Terms of the Employment (Cross-border Work) Act, the Placement of Personnel by Intermediaries Act and the availability of the correct documentation.

Inspection frequency
Under normal circumstances inspections are conducted twice per year. The first two inspections are 'full', and thereafter there are alternate 'short inspections'. Short inspections are conducted in the Netherlands. A 'short inspection' can only be conducted if the required documentation is available for our inspector on site, in the Netherlands. If the documentation is not available, a full inspection will be carried out. A full inspection must always be carried out at the registered office of the company.


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